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Žižek and Video Scholarship

Slajov Žižek’s new film The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology will be of interest to anyone interested in recent debates about whether producing videos can be a form of scholarship.

Žižek doesn’t like giving talks so has used the medium of video to get his message across to a global audience. For Žižek the medium of cinema is a useful tool for analysing the world as it  illustrates where we are today idologically and how we experience our lives. He elaborates on this issue in an interview with Vice which is worth a watch.

OK. I know what you’re thinking having watched the Vice video. Really Žižek?! Socks and sandals?! Presumably it’s another way of Žižek subverting the system and not just an unfashionable faux pas. Regardless of what’s on his feet, Žižek’s thoughts on ideology are interesting and relevant to discussions about vernacular security (something which is the focus of an upcoming postgrad conference at Warwick that I’m presenting at).  Žižek sees ideology as being “still well and alive – not as a big system – but precisely in [a] most self-evident, normal everyday form… … [it is an] unfreedom which you sincerely personally experience as freedom.”

I’m heading to watch the film this weekend so I’ll report back once i’ve seen it. Check out the trailer below, it looks like it speaks to a lot of work within the field of critical approaches to security that deals with pop culture.