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Update on the politics of maps and constructing the world: from Hugo Ahlenius

We had an informative comment on the previous post which is worth re-posting as a follow-up on the map discussion.

Hugo Ahlenius, who is a cartographer, notes some problems with the Africa map and with the Peters projection:

Regarding that Africa map – Kenneth Field has done a better analysis/map on that case: http://cartonerd.blogspot.se/2011/09/welcome-to-marauding-carto-nerd.html

Many of us cartographers hate the Mercator vs Gall-Peters (the proper name of the projection). The latter is often presented as the ONLY alternative, which is not correct – there are many better alternatives for an equal-area projection. The Winkel-Tripel projection, that National Geographic uses for global thematic maps is a good alternative (near equal-area). Personally, I am big fan of the Wagner VII projection:

//If anyone else has a favourite projection do send them on, and I’ll post them here too!