Criticalsecurities.com is very much work in progress so these pages will be continually updated as we try to figure out what the point of it is. So far, we have come up with a tagline to summarise what we are trying to do: ‘international politics and security through a critical lens’ – posts and discussions created here will all come under this heading.

It should be said that we are academics, and so many posts will be academic and/or policy oriented, but we hope it will be of interest not just to academics but also to critically-minded members of the general public.

In terms of content, we are aiming to update fairly regularly and would be very happy to receive suggestions and posts that fit under our main tagline (though the final decision to publish will remain at the discretion of the editors). We will aim to keep posts reasonably short, as this is, after all a blog. We will hopefully combine a number of original posts with links and re-posts from elsewhere when/if we find things of interest. 

The views presented in any post represent only the views of the particular author in question – not the other contributors, nor the institutions associated with the author/s. Likewise, individual authors retain copyright.

Please bear with us while we figure ourselves out!


Note: our header photo is a piece of art by urban artist SpY, for more information see http://www.spy-urbanart.com



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