Friday reading

Some interesting things from the last few weeks:

On international relations and security:

  • Man-up Mr Snowden! Masculinities and national security’ – interesting piece by Klaus Dodds on how gender has been used in the Snowden dispute
  • How Google moves international borders discusses conflict zones which leave Google ‘in-the-middle’ of border disputes. As a result of legal pressure, Google maps actually show different borders depending on the domain name you use to search (so (China) gives different results to (India), for example). To give an example from the article: ‘If you look at Arunachal Pradesh, one of India’s 29 states, from the Indian version of the website you will see the border that its government believes to be correct. View the same region from within China and it appears as “South Tibet” under Chinese control. From within the UK you see both borders marked with a dotted line to indicate that there is a local dispute’. The article has great graphics where you can drag a marker to view disputed maps side by side.
  •  An older piece, but fitting with the previous: why Google maps gets Africa wrong. Spoiler-alert: it’s about the Mercator map…


On academia:


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