Friday Links…on a Monday.

As I’ve just submitted my PhD thesis (and have not been so good at keeping up with our Friday links posts) I thought I’d take this time to post some interesting links that I’ve come across recently:

  • Some interesting reflections on security in Scotland’s white paper from Andrew Neal
  • A great piece from the New Left Project about the war on welfare, ‘from social security to social insecurity’. To give you a little taster: ‘In the last decade, ‘in/security’ has emerged as a central preoccupation of European and North American governments. Indeed, centres for ‘security research’ have been springing up across universities in the global North to meet the insatiable demand for knowledge and ideas that might help ‘keep us safe’. Increasingly, the idea of security is framed less in relation to external threats to the nation, than in terms of insecurity within the nation state – that is, the hidden threats posed by ‘dangerous classes’ of people within the ‘nation home’.’ Added to this: ‘This ‘home-front’ mentality has also been reactivated within the rhetoric of reluctant but necessary ‘austerity’, which weds the idea of future ‘economic security’ with an imagined ‘national future’ for which we all need to make sacrifices.’ -This piece is well worth a read for anyone with an interest in the changing character of security and security politics.
  • Here is a great podcast from Kings War Studies department, with Karin Fierke discussing her book on political self-sacrifice: martyrdom or suicide?
  • An interesting blog from the LSE: ‘Should academics adopt an ethic of slowness or ninja-like productivity? In search of scholarly time’

And in other news:


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