Friday Links and Recommendations!

A few things we’ve spotted this week:

A review has found that the CIA made doctors torture suspected terrorists after 9/11, unethical practices continue.

There is a new very interesting Politics special issue on ‘Security and the Politics of Resilience’ (edited by James Brassett, Stuart Croft and Nick Vaughan-Williams). It asks: ‘what is resilience?’, ‘how did it emerge?’, and ‘what are the political effects of this emergence?’. The articles by Dan Bulley (Producing and Governing Community (through) Resilience), David Chandler (International Statebuilding and the Ideology of Resilience), and Lewis Herrington and Richard Aldrich (The Future of Cyber-Resilience in an Age of Global Complexity) look particularly interesting and are all well worth a read!

Critical Studies on Security also has a new special issue worth checking out, on ‘late warfare‘. The interventions section also includes a number of short articles about women in combat, including discussions on race and class, and discussions on women’s role in combat in different states. Cynthia Enloe’s reflections on combat vs ‘combat’ are likely to provoke some interesting thoughts.


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